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Lessons Learned: @InVinoFab + @Telesomm Collab

Podcasting in community is fun. We learned so much about the world of wine and stories that pair well with the profession -- here's our re-cap for the #SommStory Seas...

Catching Up with Vanessa Raymond of @Telesomm

We reflect on the @InVinoFab #SommStory season and learn what Vanessa & Telesomm have been working on to grow this community of wine & experiences.

@Telesomm Wine Tasting Event with @InVinoFab

We tasted the Italy with Telesomm sommelier Katarina -- here's part of the event audio to share our wine experience.

@Telesomm Wine Pro-Tips with Katarina

Chianti vs. Chianti Classico – Did you know there is a difference? Learn about this and more fun wine facts with Katarina on this bonus Q&A episode of InVinoFab

@Telesomm #SommStory: Katarina Andersson (@ricasoli99), Grapevine Adventures

“The more you travel, the more you see, the more you learn.” So true! Enjoy this vino trip to Italy with Katarina!

@Telesomm Wine Pro-Tips with Christopher

It's not the red wine giving you headaches -- it's the sulfites! Learn more wine-pro tips with this Q&A with Telesomm's Christopher Sachs.

@Telesomm #SommStory: Christopher Sachs, Travel By Wine

With Christopher's philosophy that you can travel by wine, get ready for an episode that will jet set you to new places by vino!

@Telesomm Wine Pro-Tips with Kelly @ACorkInTheRoad

Wine is connected to all aspects of life -- listen to Kelly Cornett express her love of wine and how it pairs well with all the things that she does with and beyond wi...

@Telesomm #SommStory: Kelly Cornett, @ACorkintheRoad

Whether Kelly Cornet is helping people live their best life or helping people discover everything they can about wine, we're glad she made a pit stop to chat with us o...

@Telesomm Wine Pro-Tips with Tesh

We try to persuade Patrice to move from “red only” wines into the creamy white category. This is a Q&A and maybe an intervention or a wine detective work with our Tele...

@Telesomm #SommStory: Tesh Diyal, Wine With Tesh

It all starts with hospitality and welcoming in others for somm, Tesh Diyal. Learn how this Telesomm professional shares wine with others on this #SommStory episode of...

@Telesomm Wine Pro-Tips with Brielle

We have wine questions, we think the Telesomms will have the answers. Listen to this bonus episode with Brielle Buckler.

@Telesomm #SommStory: Brielle Buckler, Viva La Vino

Wine is only good if YOU like it. So, Brielle wants to share how her job is to help you find out what you like with wine.

@Telesomm Pro-Tips: Q&A with Vanessa Raymond

We test out a few of the questions we'll be asking the Telesomm sommeliers on this season of #InVinoFab pod

Sommelier Stories: Vanessa Raymond, Founder of @Telesomm

Let's kick off the season with woman who started this podcast partnership, the founder of Telesomm -- Vanessa Raymond!

Sommelier Stories: Uncorking Wine Tales

The #InVinoFab Podcast + The Telesomm App = Sommelier Stories -- Season 5!

The #InVinoFab & @Telesomm App Collab

We're teaming up with the Telesomm App for stories, wine tasting, and more! p.s. You're invited to a virtual tasting event next week. :)

Episode #94: Returning to the Office

Are you thinking about transition back to campus? Is your office preparing to transition back to the workplace? Listen to this short #InVinoFab episode to ask a few qu...

Episode #93: Storytelling & Indigenous Ways of Knowing with @Lesley_DSouza

How do you understand the importance of feeling uncomfortable in spaces that are unknown? We talking about exploring the awkward, indigenous pedagogy, and the power of...

Episode #92 REPLAY: Roséwave 🌹🌊

On this episode we're rewinding and replaying episode no. 42 from Season #2 -- as we need a break from all the things & maybe a little music to pair with some time off...

Episode #91: Finding a Field of Work that Fuels You with @MarciKWalton

As you think about "should I stay or should I go" in your current job or career path, you might want to take a listen to this week's #InVinoFab with Marci Walton.

Episode #90 REPLAY: Career Sponsors

A replay from Season 2, Ep. 50 that seems about right for this time of year & the career conversations we've been having on #InVinoFab -- enjoy!

Episode #89: Coach-to-Coach Podcast: @katie__linder interviews @laurapasquini about coaching

A conversation about career coaching from the Coach-to-Coach podcast hosted by Dr. Katie Linder.

Episode #88: Working It Out

Like everything else... our gym & fitness routines are at home. We talk about how we're working it out on this short #InVinoFab episode.

Episode #87: Introducing the @YearsEd Between the Chapters Podcast

This is a cross-over episode to introduce the #InVinoFab podcast community to the @YearsEd podcast -- audiobook readings + book club banter, hosted by Laura Pasquini -...

Episode #86: Grief is Good

Grief... it needs to be talked about. So we do just that in episode no. 86 of In Vino Fabulum.

Episode #85: @LucindaAJackson On Growing Up Female and Ambitious

Our #InVinoFab guest, Lucinda Jacks, is more than "Just a Girl" as she shares her story and advice on how to overcome sexism, sexual harassment, and more to succeed as...

Episode #84: Virtual Wine Experiences

How does wine taste through the screen? We talk about virtual wine experiences on this vignette episode of @InVinoFab.

Episode #83: Getting Unstuck in your Mid-Career Job Search with @monicamfochtman

It's time to invest in your career self now in to get ready to launch for your job future.

Episode #82: Cozy Up to Story

We chat about films, books, podcasts... the stories to keep up warm & engaged during the winter on this episode of #InVinoFab.

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