@Telesomm Wine Pro-Tips with Tesh

We try to persuade Patrice to move from “red only” wines into the creamy white category. This is a Q&A and maybe an intervention or a wine detective work with our Telesomm #SommStory friend, Tesh Diyal.
For this quick Q&A, here are the questions our Telesomm wine pro answered:
  • Favorite food and wine pairing?
  • When you are not drinking wine what is in your cup?
  • What would be your dog's favorite wine?
  • What are your top three wines and what does that say about you?
  • A sommelier pairs well with_________. [Fill in the blank]
  • What is something most people get wrong about being a sommelier?
  • Tell us what you are known for on the Telesomm app?
  • What are one or two questions that customers ask you about a lot?
  • What can someone expect from a wine tasting with you?

“Tell the sommelier what you like, but be adventurous. ‘I’m feeling adventurous, can you bring me something I haven’t had before.’ And just keep an open mind. The world of wine is so big you’ll never taste it all so why stick to one thing.” ~ Tesh Diyal, Wine with Tesh

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