@Telesomm Wine Pro-Tips with Brielle

We have wine questions, we think the Telesomms will have the answers. Listen to this bonus episode with Brielle Buckler.
Continuing the conversation with Brielle from Viva La Vino, here's the rapid fire wine questions we asked:
  • When you are not drinking wine what is in your cup?
  • What’s your favorite pairing of food and wine?
  • What are your top three wines, and what do they say about you?
  • A sommelier pairs well with _____. [Fill in the blank]
  • What is something most people get wrong about being a somm?
  • What are you known for on the Telesomm app?
  • What can a customer expect from a wine tasting with you?
  • What’s a story that resonates with you?
  • What’s one thing bringing you joy right now?
  • What’s fun and interesting about wine for you these days?
Learn more about Viva La Vino & Brielle's love of wine at:
Want to learn more about Telesom? Do you have a wine question or topics we should ask a somm? Let us know!
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