Episode #86: Grief is Good

Grief... it needs to be talked about. So we do just that in episode no. 86 of In Vino Fabulum.
In this #InVinoFab shorty episode, Laura and Patrice talk about grief. Grief is that internal processing that we might all experience for the people, places, and lives we’ve lost over the past year. What does it mean to hold space for grief? 

Although this might be a tough topic, we think that finding meaning for loss is important. It’s OK to Grieve for the Small Losses of a Lost Year:
  1. Your relationships grow stronger
  2. You discover new purposes in life
  3. From the trauma you find strength
  4. Spirituality is deepened
  5. Renewed appreciation on life
How are you holding space for grief? What are you doing to deal with all the feelings?

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