Lessons Learned: @InVinoFab + @Telesomm Collab

Podcasting in community is fun. We learned so much about the world of wine and stories that pair well with the profession -- here's our re-cap for the #SommStory Season 6 of #InVinoFab
Patrice and Laura have learned SO much. We are so grateful for Telesomm to join us on this collaborative podcasting adventure for season 6 of #InVinoFab. We know there is a story in wine, but these past few episodes were a great reminder. We truly enjoyed sharing and showcasing the #SommStories – we thank y’all for listening and being in community with us this year.
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Learning from the somms of Telesomm:
  • There IS storytelling in wine! 
  • You don’t have to be a somm in a restaurant or vineyard -- many ways to somm
  • Cost vs. quality -- it doesn’t always matter
  • How to be brave when you taste wine
  • Wine is everywhere => regions of wine: Durham, NC, Detroit, all over Italy, Sonoma, etc. 
  • You don’t have to be “fancy” to enjoy wine -- let’s take the snobbery out of wine
  • Travel with a bottle of wine (figuratively or literally)
  • To learn wine is a personal journey a
  • You don’t have to be an expert, you just have to taste, try, and be BOLD!
  • Your taste in wine is really the only taste that matters!
  • Being a sommelier sounds like fun – maybe we want to go down this path ourselves!?!
  • There’s no one way to be a sommelier – choose your own adventure in wine
  • We love to partner with others on fun podcast projects – want to collaborate? Reach out to us: invinofabulum@gmail.com 
Want to learn more about Telesomm? Do you have a wine question or topics we should ask a somm? Let us know!
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