Episode #94: Returning to the Office

Are you thinking about transition back to campus? Is your office preparing to transition back to the workplace? Listen to this short #InVinoFab episode to ask a few questions as you make this return.
In this #InVinoFab episode, Laura and Patrice talk about what it means to return to the office. In the US, vaccine rollout is happening and there has been talk about returning back to campus. For some there is excitement and others returning to work brings anxiety and dread and there are employees who are not interested in returning as offices open back up. Here’s what we are thinking about as we consider a shift from remote work to in office or a hybrid model of working:
Questions to ask yourself and your team as you transition back to the office or some version of this:
  • What are you thinking about returning to the office?
  • What will being “back on campus” mean to you and your team?
  • What did you learn from this year of remote work?
  • What habits or practices do you want to bring back to the workplace?
  • How are you preparing yourself and your team to make this transition?
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