Episode #92 REPLAY: Roséwave 🌹🌊

On this episode we're rewinding and replaying episode no. 42 from Season #2 -- as we need a break from all the things & maybe a little music to pair with some time off from podcasting. Tell us what jams you're listening to when you sit back to chill out with a glass of wine?
Roséwave. Some say it’s a music and ambiance for an enjoyable way to wind down. Others might say Roséwave is a lifestyle. The term was coined and/or asked about by NPR Music’s Lars Gotrich back in 2017: https://twitter.com/totalvibration/status/876873692793507841 

With it comes a few playlists created by NPR All Songs and other folks to let you jam to while you’re enjoying the summer’s end and long weekend:
--Roséwave: 102 Songs To Juice Up Your Summer

#InVinoFab recommendations of drinks to get your sway on with  Roséwave 🌹🌊:
Chateau Montaud Cote de Provence Rose 2018 http://www.vignoblesravel.com/ 
Yes Way Rose! https://yeswayrose.com/ 
La Croix Sparkling Water https://www.lacroixwater.com/ 
Waterloo Sparkling Water https://www.drinkwaterloo.com/ 

In Vino Fabulum! In Wine, Story!
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