Episode #93: Storytelling & Indigenous Ways of Knowing with @Lesley_DSouza

How do you understand the importance of feeling uncomfortable in spaces that are unknown? We talking about exploring the awkward, indigenous pedagogy, and the power of storytelling on this episode of #InVinoFab
Lesley D’Souza is a student affairs assessment professional who specializes in storytelling with data. Currently, she is the Director of Strategic Storytelling & Digital Engagement in Western University’s Student Experience division. After focusing on assessment and storytelling in her two previous roles, Lesley is exploring how data-informed stories can be used to intentionally shift culture in positive directions using digital engagement best practices. Lesley has held leadership roles in the Canadian Association of College & University Student Services and ACPA - College Educators International. She is co-authoring an upcoming book "Design Thinking in Student Affairs'' to be published September 2021. Connect to Lesley: lesleydsouza.com and on Twitter: @lesley_dsouza

“I’m going to make mistakes, and I’m going to get things wrong. That’s going to happen. So I’ve got to learn how to apologize and learn how to make it right, and how to move it forward.”   ~Lesley on not being right, but getting it right how we center stories and knowledge.

Here are links to a few things we discussed and resources Lesley shared around Indigenous pedagogy and decolonization:
In Vino Fabulum! In Wine, Story!
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