Episode #87: Introducing the @YearsEd Between the Chapters Podcast

This is a cross-over episode to introduce the #InVinoFab podcast community to the @YearsEd podcast -- audiobook readings + book club banter, hosted by Laura Pasquini -- More at: https://25years.opened.ca/
In this Between the Chapters episode, the the 25 Years of Ed Tech, Laura talks with Laura Gibbs, Brenna Clarke Gray, and Caroline Kuhn about Chapter 9: The Learning Management System (LMS). The panel of this episode rejects how the LMS is not “linky” and how closed LMS constrains both the learner and educator from engaging online. But we also caution against how this LMS hub has grown since 2002 in its role for digital teaching and learning for higher ed institutions to also expand into a repository for data collection, learning analytics, and surveillance. Listen to our metaphors and meanderings about the LMS, and what we’ve been thinking about thanks to Martin’s chapter #9 in the 25 Years of Ed Tech book:
  • Where do we put the resources needed to actually use the LMS?
  • What are the metaphors should we collect and dissect around teaching & learning?
  • Do you think the LMS is a best practice? Or how do you push against that idea?
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