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Episode #81: Bringing Chaos, Play, & Experimentation into your Life with Kristin Powers

“How do you invite more opportunities to invite chaos into your life?” Learn how our guest Kristin Powers inspires others to play, experiment, and try new things.

Episode #79: Digital Leadership, Mindset Growth, & Candid Consulting Talk with @josieahlquist

On this episode with chat openly about the life what it takes to start & endure as an entrepreneur in education -- the highs, lows, and wins of having your own business before and during a pandemic, connecting to community, and more!

Episode #78: Intentions & Practices

The calendar says it's a new year. Are you working on any goals, intentions, resolutions, or practices? Let us know! We're trying to figure it out as well in this shorty episode.

Episode #77: Giving Yourself Grace & Pivoting in a Pandemic with Elissa Lappenga

In this episode we are joined by Elissa Lappenga who shares how to roll with changes, manage personal/professional set backs, and identifying opportunities for joy during the pandemic.

Episode #76: Reckoning & Processing

The title of the episode says it all -- still processing and reckoning with events from last week. Take care, y'all.

Episode #75: Wine Stock

When in doubt... stock up for winter with wine! Laura & Patrice talk wine clubs, wineries they miss, and how they're stocking up for wine winter.

Episode #74: 'Tis the Season...

‘Tis the season… to feel burned out. Fa la la la la -- la la la la! 2020... it's been a hell of a year! Patrice & Laura talk burnout at work, how to reset/recharge, and gratitude to close out the longest year ever.

Episode #73: On Pandemic Parenting with @_SueCaulfield & @Kristen_Abell

Are you a mom stuck in this pandemic? Episode no. 73 might be just the one you need right now. Listen to guests Sue & Kristen offer insights, reflections, and advice for working/living/surviving from home as a parent & professional.

Episode #72: On Finding Your Identity & Calling with @carolak

Listen to #InVinoFab episode 72 with guest Caroline Kuhn as we talk about transitions, finding your identity, and a search for calling.

Episode #71: Networking Online Now

Oh how networking professionally has changed... this episode Laura & Patrice share their experiences and suggestions for how to keep your networking online going during a pandemic.

Episode #70: The Anti-Racism Journey with @Kristin_Roe

Join Laura & Patrice for this lesson on anti-racism to move towards action, as we call in white women & other peers to do the work with our guest, Kristin Roe. It's a journey, not a checklist, training, or t-shirt.

BONUS: #InVinoFab Pandemic PSA

This shorty episode is a Pandemic PSA from Laura & Patrice. Stay home, stay masked, and be with your Corona-pods to keep COVID-19 at bay during the holiday season ahead.

Episode #69: Supporting Minds Online and Hearts Offline with @MDMillerPHD

For #InVinoFab Ep. 69, we talk to Dr. Michelle Miller about our minds online and how we might need to do a few things offline to deal with teaching, learning, working, and more during the pandemic.

Episode #68: Care @ Work

In this @InVinoFab episode, Patrice and Laura unpack what it means to bring care to work now and what it might be like in the future.

Episode #67: Season of Transition

We are glad y’all are tuning into a new season of the #InVinoFab podcast, as Patrice & Laura talk about the season of change we are in.

Episode #66: Unpacking Privilege

There’s been a bit of radio silence from us on the #InVinoFab for a while, and that’s been intentional. We wanted to spend the last month listening, learning, and unlearning -- so you didn’t need to hear from us. In this episode we unpack a few thoughts and what we're working on with regards to privilege, allyship, and then some. This is just the start of what we will continue to talk about, share, & discuss on the #InVinoFab podcast.

Episode #65: Caged Bird

Happy National Poetry Month! This poem is to remind us that won't be caged birds for long... we will soon fly to freedom. Take care!

Episode #64: How @SheCordelia Is Bringing Visibility to Trans Workplace Inclusion

On #InVinoFab episode no. 64 we are joined by Cordelia who shares her lived experience navigating transition in her personal and professional life. We discus identity, visibility, and her focus on trans workplace inclusion.

Episode #63: #CovidCampus: Doing the Best We Can to "Go Remote"

On this @InVinoFab episode we bring you a timely conversation in light of the evolving situation and events due to the Coronavirus. On this episode, Patrice & Laura join a digital roundtable on transition to remote teaching, learning, students support, and work in higher ed peers & podcast hosts Katie Linder, Jeff Jackson, & Bonni Stachowiak.

Episode #62: Run Club

For this mini-episode of #InVinoFab, Patrice & Laura chat about their big goals for 2020 -- to run a marathon! Listen to the pod as they chat about their races, training plans, gear, safety tips, and more!

Episode #61: Onboarding at a New Job & Organization with @Katie__Linder

On #InVinoFab episode no. 61, Laura chats with Katie Linder about what it's like to get started at a new organization and in a new role... as they reflect on their onboarding experiences and suggestions for starting at a new job. You'll learn about work transitions, coaching certification, and being an alternative academic on this episode. Enjoy!

Episode #60: Pod Love

#InVinoFab episode no. 60 is where Patrice & Laura swap the podcast episodes and shows they’ve been checking out and are on their “to listen” podcast list.

Episode #59: Coaching Through Career Transitions & Challenges with Etta Jacobs

On #InVinoFab Ep. 59 we welcome Etta Jacobs to the pod. Etta is the Founder and Principal of Power in the Middle, an executive coaching and training organization that specifically focuses on empowering mid-level managers and their teams. Patrice & Etta talk about coaching, building a business, and facing realities at work.

Episode #58: A Valentine for Wine

Why do we love wine? Let us count the ways in episode no. 58 of #InVinoFab

Episode #57: Getting Social to Teach, Learn, & for CPD with @SueBecks

On #InVinoFab episode #57 we welcome @SueBecks to the pod! We talk about continuous professional development (CPD) and how to grab microlearning on-the-go via our social networks. Also, we dig into how to create applied experiences to ensure our learners build up their digital literacies to ensure occupational success beyond the degree or university experience to be competitive in the job market. Then we think about the technologies we have used now and then... enjoy our chat!

Episode #56: Packing, Moving, & Finding Friends

On #InVinoFab episode no. 56, Laura & Patrice start the new year talking about moving to a new city and finding friends as an adult. Patrice moved to Boston, and Laura is packing for Seattle -- so they chat about how pack/move, find new friends and get connected, and what it means to relocate to a new city.

Episode #55: Cultural Fit @ Work

For the #InVinoFab podcast episode no. 55 we get into the courting of new job opportunities, applicants, and finding your cultural fit at work. Whether you’re recruiting for new talent or in search, to identify a potential new occupational fit for your career.

BONUS: #InVinoFab is Moving & #TBT Ep. no. 44 #CareerChangers

We're moving the podcast from Soundcloud to Transistor.fm this week -- and as we're away traveling for American Thanksgiving, we thought we'd include a mini-episode playback about the #CareerChangers we chatted with this year. Learn about the lessons learned and visit a few of these past episodes to hear advice on how they transitioned or pivoted in the world of work.

Episode #54: Untethering for Art & Consulting with @sheilmcn

For #InVinoFab episode no. 54, we chatted with Sheila McNeill about all things creative, forging a new career path, learning communities, being an untethered consultant/academic, professional identities, and more.

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