Episode #68: Care @ Work

In this @InVinoFab episode, Patrice and Laura unpack what it means to bring care to work now and what it might be like in the future.

In this #InVinoFab episode, Patrice and Laura unpack what it means to bring care to work. Burnout and emotional labor has been something we’ve been having to deal with over the past few weeks, months, and year(s). As the US elections wind down and the pandemic lockdown restarts here, we thought it would be good to talk about how we deal with burnout and care in the workplace. Will this culture of care we are seeing now at work be sustained? How are you supporting yourself and others to avoid burnout? It’s definitely a time for some real talk, and figure out what care means for us and our peers.

Here are a few things mentioned on this episode:

Are you a mom who is struggling with all the pandemic has thrown at you? Do you want to talk with us on a future episode about the realities and realizations for your personal/professional self? Reach out -- we’d love to have a conversation and have you on the podcast!

Suggestions for implementing care into your workplace:
  • Regular 1:1 meetings
  • Group/Team Check-ins (not a meeting)
  • Planned socials or events virtually 
  • Making time and the space to talk about things beyond tasks & routines
  • Block time off to do things you need: eat, walk the dog, exercise, etc.
  • Take control of your calendar
  • Find joy with your peers
  • Reminder to take time off -- staycations FTW!
  • Find time to step outside
  • Move yourself -- walk, dance, run, yoga, or whatever!

Stories (TV & Books) Mentioned:
- No Hard Feelings 

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