Episode #81: Bringing Chaos, Play, & Experimentation into your Life with Kristin Powers

“How do you invite more opportunities to invite chaos into your life?” Learn how our guest Kristin Powers inspires others to play, experiment, and try new things.
In this episode of #InVinoFab podcast, we were delighted to chat with Kristin Powers. Not only does Kristin have a superhero name, but we think she lives a superhero life. From our conversation about play, experimentation, nature, and creativity, we have no doubt that you will learn so much from her resilience and self-directed learning. Kristin encourages our listeners to develop a taste for failure with practice, like a fine wine or an exotic delicacy. She brings both art and science to her personal and professional life with her works at Coursetune Inc. as the Director of Storytelling and Client Engagement. Kristin’s original paintings can be viewed and purchased, and you can join her Artist’s Insider Circle newsletter at: www.kristinpowers.com  

Here are a few of the many things we chat about on this episode:
“How do you invite more opportunities to invite chaos into your life?” asks Kristin Powers

Top 3 ways Kristin wants us to invite experimentation into our daily lives: 
  1. Personal appearance/grooming style
  2. Navigating to take interesting routes for discovery
  3. Cooking experimentation
In Vino Fabulum! In Wine, Story!
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