Episode #69: Supporting Minds Online and Hearts Offline with @MDMillerPHD

For #InVinoFab Ep. 69, we talk to Dr. Michelle Miller about our minds online and how we might need to do a few things offline to deal with teaching, learning, working, and more during the pandemic.

Back in April Laura was joined by Michelle Miller for a conversation for the #InVinoFab podcast to talk about how online teaching, learning, and life looks like. Much of this discussion has a great deal of relevance for where we are as we enter into the 2nd and maybe 3rd wave of COVID-19. We discuss how to deal with finding our productive selves, identifying feelings how our work life has changed, reflecting on going “online” + family/personal impacts, support/needs for moms, how to be less “remote” and the hobbies/reads that bring us joy.
“When you have a basic imbalance and some things that are just impossible -- no list or system in the world or self-motivation is going to fix that.” ~Michelle on how our workplaces need to help women thrive online with other responsibilities

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To connect with Michelle Miller be sure to follow her on Twitter @MDMillerPHD, check out her scholarship on Academia.edu, and see what she’s writing/reading via her Goodreads author profile. Learn more about Dr. Miller’s work at: https://www.michellemillerphd.com/ 

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