Episode #67: Season of Transition

We are glad y’all are tuning into a new season of the #InVinoFab podcast, as Patrice & Laura talk about the season of change we are in.

Welcome back, #InVinoFab friends and listeners! We are glad y’all are tuning into the @InVinoFab podcast, as we talk about the season of change we are in… yay for transitions!

This episode was recorded in mid-October, so we are not talking about any political transition or evolving events. There’s actually a lot that is changing in our own lives and a reason why we have not put out an episode in a while: Our season of transition includes: changing jobs, moving houses, how we work, and what it means to be remote, but not so distant or in-person meetings with the people and communities we love. Here are a few things we talked about in this intro the the season episode:
We hope to talk about a few issues this season and we’re welcoming new guests! Do you want to talk about any of these issues? If so, let us know!
  • Burnout & Compassion Fatigue
  • Moving to Remote Work, Teaching & Learning
  • Endings: Are you graduating soon? What now?
  • Job Search & Hiring in a Pandemic
  • New Jobs & Leadership Responsibilities 
  • Onboarding in Remote Working Times
  • Future Plans: Dreams, Goals, & Retirement
  • Antiracism Education
  • Learning 
  • And of course, wine!
In Vino Fabulum! In Wine, Story!
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