Episode #77: Giving Yourself Grace & Pivoting in a Pandemic with Elissa Lappenga

In this episode we are joined by Elissa Lappenga who shares how to roll with changes, manage personal/professional set backs, and identifying opportunities for joy during the pandemic.

On this episode of #InVinoFab, we chat with Elissa Lappenga, who is a multipotentialite who spent the better part of a decade living with her family on college campuses in Southern California as a student affairs professional before transitioning geographically to the Midwest and professionally to the world of software startups. Elissa shares what it means to be a mom and breadwinner while supporting learners inside and outside formal education. Beyond systems thinking and the pandemic challenges, we talk about the opportunities to solve some of the issues that have been amplified last year, supporting communities who need it, roommate mediation/contracts, and how to pivot in your career when it is not in the plan.  
In Vino Fabulum! In Wine, Story!
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