Episode #73: On Pandemic Parenting with @_SueCaulfield & @Kristen_Abell

Are you a mom stuck in this pandemic? Episode no. 73 might be just the one you need right now. Listen to guests Sue & Kristen offer insights, reflections, and advice for working/living/surviving from home as a parent & professional.

For #InVinoFab episode no. 73 Laura chats with a couple of moms and past guests, Kristen Abell & Sue Caulfield, about their experiences this year with COVID-19. We discuss the reality of being a mom in the pandemic while trying to maintain a balance between work and life at home. Thanks to Sue & Kristen for sharing their candid perspectives about being a mom, identity shifts, expectations of their role, supporting mental health, and more when dealing being a mom in 2020.
“People parent in different ways. Just like people live in different ways, and that’s totally fine because diversity is good.” ~ Sue

“The problem is we keep trying to systematize the workplace, rather than individualizing it… we aren’t just our jobs. But so few workplaces are built around people, they are built around the work. That’s’ what makes it so hard for us to adjust right now.” ~ Kristen 

Parenting in a pandemic advice from Kristen & Sue:
  1. Set your boundaries: for both work and home life.
  2. Reset boundaries & check in with these limitations to take back control.
  3. Negotiate your time/schedule with your employer - WFH, flexible hours, etc.
  4. Ask yourself: What in your life is exhausting you & filling you up more? Find more energy
  5. Practicing gratitude: pause to reflect on what you are grateful for these days.
  6. Stay “in community” with those who support you and you also can support with real talk.
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