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Episode #50: Career Sponsors

For #InVinoFab episode no. 50, Patrice and Laura discuss a few articles related to sexism in the academy and how we can better support professional planning for women+ as career sponsors

Episode #49: Collaborating to Learn, Research, & Write with Janet Salmons (@einterview)

On #InVinoFab episode no. 49, we talk to Dr. Janet Salmons about emerging research methods, and teaching and collaborative learning in the digital age.

Episode #48: You CAN Wine

In the mini-episode no. 48 of #InVinoFab we get to the bottom of WHY you are finding wine in cans.

Episode #47: Artful, Positive Thinking with @AdvisorSoyla

On episode no. 47 of #InVinoFab, we talk to Soyla Santos, a higher education administrator by day and art lecturer by night about her art and positive thinking approach to supporting others.

Episode #46: Crime & Wine

On this #InVinoFab podcast episode no.45, Patrice & Laura share a bit about a wine, crime, and then some.

Episode #45: Facing Imposter Syndrome with @TinyTara

For #InVinoFab episode no. 45, we talk to Tara Hughes about an issue that you may have struggled with one in your professional life -- Imposter Syndrome!

Episode #44: Lessons Learned From #CareerChangers

For episode #44, this mini-episode highlights and offers gratitude to the 8 women who joined the #InVinoFab podcast to share their stories with us about their career transitions, pivots, and/or paths to and from higher education. We have learned so much from these #CareerChangers and we hope you do too! Thank you Diane, Kristin, Laura, Hannah, Helen, Valerie, Jaimie, and Carol.

Episode #43: Curiously Learning with @Carol_Ed_Dev

For #InVinoFab episode no. 43, we chat about transferable skills a career in journalism can bring to #highered with Carol Hernandez @Carol_Ed_Dev It was great to be a “curious learner” as she shared about her love of organizational theory, research into #LatinX women in #HigherEd Education Development, & ways she supports teaching and learning on campus. Listen at: #women #storytelling #careers #CareerChanger #CareerAdvice #research #learning #design #theory #wine #podcast

Episode #42: Roséwave 🌹🌊

On episode no. 42 of the #InVinoFab Pod, Laura & Patrice get ready for a long weekend with a “pairs well with...” segment all about Roséwave 🌹🌊!!

Episode #41: Student Success in Online Learning with @JaimieLHoffman

On #InVinoFab episode no. 41, we chat with Dr. Jaimie Hoffman (@JaimieLHoffman) who is the Director of Student Affairs and Learning for Noodle Partners where she works with campuses across the nation to create ecosystems of support and engagement that are inclusive of online master’s and doctoral students.

Episode #40: Gender Equality in Higher Ed Work

What Are Your Solutions for Gender Equality at Work in Higher Ed? In episode no. 40 of the #InVinoFab pod, Laura & Patrice reflect on hiring, promotion, and performance reviews in our workplace settings. As both are working in higher education, they share a bit about how to make gender equality is a solvable problem in our work in higher education

Episode #39: Assessment & Learning with @ValerieHeruska

For episode no. 39 of the #InVinoFab podcast, we’re joined by guest Valerie Heruska. Valerie lives by the words of the great philosopher, Bruce Springsteen: “You can’t start a fire without a spark.” As a fellow native of New Jersey, herself, Val has been impacted and inspired by Bruce to find her own spark by trying new things and igniting her own passions in life.

Episode #38: Pod About Pods

For #InVinoFab episode no. 38 we have a brief chat about what’s caught our ear’s attention -- PODCASTS!!! Yes -- this is a podcast about podcasts -- specifically the podcasts we listen to, where/how we listen, making of podcasts, and even teaching/learning with podcasts.

Episode #37: Indie Research with @DrHelenKara

In #InVinoFab podcast episode no. 37, we are joined by @DrHelenKara to talk about her work, life, and experiences with indie research, comics, and more! Helen Kara has been an independent researcher since 1999 and writes and teaches on research methods. She is not, and never has been, an academic, though she has learned to speak the language. In 2015 Helen was the first fully independent researcher to be conferred as a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. She is also a Visiting Fellow at the UK's National Centre for Research Methods.

Episode #36: Beyond Diversity & Inclusion Training

In this mini-episode of #InVinoFab, Patrice shares about her experience and lessons learned at the Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging Conference https://dibconference.harvard.edu/ hosted on her campus. We appreciate when our organizations bring a community together to have challenging conversations about diversity and inclusion, but we agreed that a culture of belonging is something we need to embed into our daily practice at work.

Episode #35: Learning & Development with @HRGore

In episode no. 35 we warmly welcome Dr. Hannah Gore (@HRGore) to the #InVinoFab podcast. Hannah Gore was invited to join Solera Holdings last year to design and develop their business school, initially launching to 46 countries across 26 companies, it is set to expand to 88 countries by the end of this year. During her 13 years at The Open University, Hannah developed content for circa 10 million learners worldwide on a variety of platforms including Amazon Kindle, Google, and iTunes U. When not working, earning multiple learning awards, or getting a number of degrees, she can be found in the kitchen cooking up vegan delights or on trails training and running ultras with her rescue dog Toby.

Episode #34: Summer Streaming

For #InVinoFab episode no. 34 we share some of our summer streaming as you might be kicking back this weekend yourself. Whether you’re enjoying a staycation, relaxing with your feet up, or on holidays where the weather might be crap, we thought we’d share something for you stream and enjoy on Netflix.

Episode #33: @GoogleGuacamole Learning in a Community

Laura Gogia, MD, Ph.D. designs, researches, and engages in faculty development for digital learner experiences in higher education and continuing education settings. In #InVinoFab episode #33: Laura shares about her “high career thrillist” path as she moves from medical school, to practicing surgical gynecologist, to fusion-style chef’s catering, non-profit coursework, trying out adult education, and engaging in research in evaluation for learning design. We talk about how we learn and figure out how to evolve with our careers, gain new skills, and find our way with community and kinship.

Episode #32: Mo' Money Planning

On #InVinoFab episode no. 32, @laurapasquini & @profpatrice talk about mo’ money planning. As money does not grow on trees, they share resources for identifying spending habits, resources for saving/investing, and getting started with enhancing your own financial literacy. There are ideas for saving money for the future, investing for retirement, and just reflecting on your own money habits. Enjoy!

Episode #31: Just Keep Swimming with @Kristin_Roe

For #InVinoFab podcast episode no. 31, we welcome Kristin Roe to share her story. Kristen is a leader in diversity, equity & inclusion practices within the child welfare sector in Ontario, Canada. It is through the lessons taught to her within grassroots social justice movements that have been the most profound in her knowledge & understanding of inequities in systems & structures. We talk open water swimming, systems, and more.

Episode #30: This is How We Uncork

This is How We Uncork: Apparently there is much to say and talk about when we think about uncorking a bottle of wine. In this episode, Patrice & Laura share their perspectives of opening a bottle.

Episode #29: Behind the Badge with Diane

This episode is the first of the #InVinoFab interview series where I talk with friends and colleagues about their career changes. Our occupational lives are so complex and often the pathway takes many turns due to life, opportunities, challenges, or new ways of seeing your own career. This might be out of personal interest and perspective; however, I will have a conversation with a few women who have left one industry for another role.

Episode #28: May You Be Mindful

Hey.... remember us! It’s your #InVinoFab podcast hosts @laurapasquini & @profpatrice. It’s been a while. We’ve missed you. Sorry for the delay in the play, but we’ve been busy and up to a few things this past few months for episodes and interviews to come! In this vignette (mini podcast episode), we share some ideas to take care of your well-being as we enter into May which is #MentalHealthAwareness month ( http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/may) and we are just around the corner from Mother’s Day (in the US & Canada).

Episode #27: Pajamas & Digital Audits...OH MY!

Happy 2019 #InVinoFab friends! Yeah... we’re starting the new year a month late. So be it. Today we chat about everything from digital surveillance, PJs, and our online selves.

#InVinoFabPodmas Day 12

Review, Reflection, & Wrap Up of #InVinoFab: On the 12th day of #InVinoFab Podmas, the co-hosts @Profpatrice & @laurapasquini share words of wisdom bringing them joy, reflect on the past year of podcasting, and our hopes for 2019!

#InVinoFabPodmas Day 11

Shout Out to Rad Women: On the 11th day of #InVinoFab Podmas, your co-hosts bring to thee... a story from the book.

#InVinoFabPodmas Day 10

Time Off & Taking Time for You: On the 10th day of #InVinoFab Podmas we discuss how you can take a break with or without time off during this holiday season OR ways to find some down time to take a break to recharge after a year of work.

#InVinoFabPodmas Day 9

Visioning for 2019: On the 9th day of #InVinoFab Podmas the podcasts friends ponder with me... Future plans, goals, and visions for what we hope to work on for 2019. It’s time to reflect on 2018 and start thinking more about what and how to prioritize our future selves before the new year creeps up on us.

#InVinoFabPodmas Day 8

Our Wine Opening Follies & Failures: On the 8th day of #InVinoFab Podmas the @InVinoFab co-hosts share with me... Honest stories about how opening a bottle of wine went so very wrong, and suggestions to avoid these vino follies over the holiday season if you are opening a bottle of wine.

#InVinoFabPodmas Day 7

Women In Science: A Story On the 7th day of #InVinoFab Podmas, your storytelling podcast hosts read to thee...WOMEN IN SCIENCE!!!

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