Episode #51: Visual Communications & Presentations with @echoechoR

On #InVinoFab episode no. 51, we chat with Echo Rivera about how she creates and encourages others to design more meaningful stories with our data and presentations.

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It was a delight to chat with Echo for episode no. 51 of the #InVinoFab podcast with Echo. Dr. Echo Rivera is here to help you become a more engaging presenter. She has a PhD in Community Psychology, and after about 13 years of working in the social science research and program evaluation fields, Echo became a freelance communication consultant. She is on a mission to end #DeathByPowerpoint in our course lectures, conference presentations, and other educational settings. What she does it more than just graphic design. She works specifically with academics, researchers, and evaluators who want to present their information in ways that increase the likelihood the audience will pay attention to, understand, remember, and use the information. We talk about folk metal, tinkering with home-made videos, being a first-gen student, making our work visual, and all the ways we can share knowledge express our ideas and data in new ways. Learn more about Echo at: www.echorivera.com/

Here is how you can connect and learn more about Echo’s work, design and creativity:
Twitter: twitter.com/echoechoR
Instagram: www.instagram.com/echoechor/
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/echorivera/
YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/echorivera

Here are a few things we chatted about on this episode of the #InVinoFab pod:
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